Like Puppies and Toddlers…..

“Tell me, where does it hurt?”  This is a common question, right?  When someone isn’t feeling well, we want to know the source of the discomfort.  We add up the symptoms to zero in on a diagnosis.  Most times their suffering is the result of a virus or bacterial infection – nothing too serious, but do you realize that you can also suffer physically from emotional pain?  We hold our emotions in our body, tucked away to be forgotten or dealt with at another time.

Like puppies and toddlers, our emotions can wreak havoc if left unattended for too long. Continue reading

Book Talk: Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown

Hello!  I will be reading and commenting on the book Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown October 20 through December 18.

I have created a “secret” Facebook page where we can post our comments.  This means that I have to add you to the page and our membership and comments are not visible to the public.

To join, please submit the information below.

Thank you!


Book Talk! A new feature of My Girlfriend Voice

book talkI love books and thought, why not share my love of books and talking about them with others? Therefore I am launching “Book Talk” – a private discussion page where we can share our thoughts as we read along.  I am still figuring out the logistics so stay tuned for more details.

There is no charge to participate!!!

1) You need a copy of the book

2) I need your email address.*  Please email with “rising strong” in the subject line to join.

rising strongI was so moved by Brene’ Brown on Super Soul Sunday that I have selected her newest book, “Rising Strong” as our first Book Talk starting October 20th.

More details are coming soon!  Will you join me?

From the heart,




* I will use email to stay in touch but no SPAM and no STRINGS.  I really don’t like junk email or so you won’t be spammed by me.  I also won’t guilt you into buying anything so there are no strings attached!  Your email address remains private; not to be shared or sold to a third party. Please let me know if you have any questions.