Book Talk! A new feature of My Girlfriend Voice

book talkI love books and thought, why not share my love of books and talking about them with others? Therefore I am launching “Book Talk” – a private discussion page where we can share our thoughts as we read along.  I am still figuring out the logistics so stay tuned for more details.

There is no charge to participate!!!

1) You need a copy of the book

2) I need your email address.*  Please email with “rising strong” in the subject line to join.

rising strongI was so moved by Brene’ Brown on Super Soul Sunday that I have selected her newest book, “Rising Strong” as our first Book Talk starting October 20th.

More details are coming soon!  Will you join me?

From the heart,




* I will use email to stay in touch but no SPAM and no STRINGS.  I really don’t like junk email or so you won’t be spammed by me.  I also won’t guilt you into buying anything so there are no strings attached!  Your email address remains private; not to be shared or sold to a third party. Please let me know if you have any questions.




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