Word of the Week (WoW): Clarity

Word of the Week:    CLARITY 

clar·i·ty (noun)


  • the quality of being clear, in particular.
  • the quality of coherence and intelligibility.
  • the quality of being easy to see or hear

Clarity is one of the most important feelings that I desire.  All of us have a great deal of mental clutter which can block our Girlfriend Voice; even send us off believing thoughts that are not true.

Clarity feels spacious and energizing.

Do you also strive for clarity?  How do you find more clarity?  Can you have too much?

“Imagine how easy your life will be when you are able to make all decisions with clarity and freedom from fear.”  ~ Lulu Mares

As you go through your week, think about the word CLARITY and see what pops up for you.  Please feel free to share what you experience!

From the heart,




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