If Your Happy and You Know it Thank Your Ex!!!

If Your Happy and You Know it Thank Your Ex!!!

There was something electric in the air last Sunday.  Everywhere I went I received a healthy amount of attention—both male and female.  I had on jeans with a simple top, little make up and my hair had that “just blown in from the beach” look (aka three days without a shampoo).  I was out and about, enjoying the company of friends after an afternoon dance workshop. I wasn’t dressed to impress by any means.

At a restaurant, an older gentleman sauntered over to ask me, “Do you always wear clothing to match your eyes?   Your eyes are like Blue Diamonds. I am going to call you that, Blue Diamond!”  I was flattered (I have a soft spot for sweet old men) until I realized Blue Diamonds sounds like a cleaning product — it is also a brand name for dog food so I am feeling less inclined to monogram my towels “B.D.”  Still, that old geezer meant well.  Such a cutie!  You have to give him credit for coming over to chat.

blue eyeAnother man approached me to tell me that while he now has a girlfriend, he was guilty of having a crush on me for the last two years.  He said, “The moment I looked into your eyes I felt a connection with you! I’ve always hoped we could get together but now I’m taken.”  I paused and smiled.  I practiced looking happily surprised rather than creeped out.  It was a chance to practice kindness.  I graciously thanked him and wished him a very long and healthy relationship.  Mazel tov.  Invite me to your wedding!

My favorite moment of the day was when a gentleman came over and said, “I’ve been watching you and how people react to you.  You really light up the room.  I wanted to come over and tell you.”  I was momentarily speechless.  (a rare moment, huh?) This was an impressive conversation starter and I was hooked.  We continued to chat for another twenty minutes about topics that I love such as authenticity, positive energy and the advantages of living gratefully.  How refreshing to have a real conversation with a stranger, especially a man!  And then he left me, never asking for my phone number nor commenting about my eyes.  Wait, don’t you like my eyes?   LOL

Why was this conversation the best part of my day?  Yes it was flattering to be approached but the BIG reason is that this stranger confirmed that the work I do internally is manifesting externally.  My happiness is showing!

For years I wanted to be seen as the perfect wife, the dedicated mother and the consummate professional because I equated success in those roles with a happy life.  It is not an easy formula.  I was handing over my happiness to the “other half” of the equation; the husband, the child, the job!

Years later I realize that I am not going to be happy unless I become happy first; unless I love the perfectly flawed woman I have become!  The root of my happiness thrives within me and is totally within my control.  When I love myself, it is much easier to walk in the world. Happiness is contagious.

Do you find yourself saying things like,

* * * when I lose 20lbs, I will be happy

* * * when I get that promotion, I will be happy

* * * when I fall in love, I will be happy

So what about this very valuable irreplaceable moment?  Can you be happy right now?  It all starts with you and your commitment to shifting gears into happy drive.   As they say, happiness is an inside job.inside job

Let’s start a conversation.  Please share what makes you happy, right now, today!!  A few things on my list are:  I found a free parking space while in San Francisco, I have clean sheets to look forward to tonight, I connected with a former colleague who makes me laugh, the tree outside my office must have a hundred little sparrows jumping around on the branches and finally, I said NO to my sweet cravings today and had boring healthy fruit instead.  (Confession:  will use the calories saved now for alcohol later!)

Thank you, thank you to my Ex for driving me, no pushing me, to where I needed to be in order to find happiness.  My Girlfriend Voice is so proud!

Tell me what makes you happy today?  Please leave me a comment.

From the heart,


Editor’s Note:  Blue eye photo kindly borrowed from youknowit.com

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4 thoughts on “If Your Happy and You Know it Thank Your Ex!!!

  1. I slept 12 hours last night and feel so rested this morning! I have been sick with a summer cold and my body is healing itself. I am happy that I woke up and that the first thing I read was your blog and I love that I am starting my day with positive self talk. Thanks !


    • Good to hear from you! Keep thinking healthy thoughts to get over your cold. I am thankful for fireman today! I walked out of the coffee shop to have about 30 firemen standing around my car. I thought, did I leave it in neutral again and let it roll away? No, they were just gathering in the parking lot before drills. What a nice selection of eye candy! Thanks, Cara


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