Meet Mr. Dreamy!

holy smokes

Meet my Mr. Dreamy!

He is deliciously dreamy, isn’t he? I couldn’t believe my luck when he approached me on Christmas day through my on-line dating service. It was a Christmas miracle! Of course he is younger man at 42 but I am young at heart! Of course I wonder why a guy like this would need a dating service! Women must throw themselves at his feet. Of course he could answer every one of questions without hesitation and further pictures had me weak in the knees.

After corresponding for several hours over the last eighteen days, our first date was scheduled for Saturday night. Friday morning, he learned he had an emergency trip to Europe and asked me to come along with all expenses paid. Ugh, tempting if it were Paris, London or Rome but he was headed to Latvia to sign papers on a real estate deal that had been tied up in probate. Now I admit I did have to use Google to see where the hell Latvia was located. It is NOT on my bucket list of travel destinations with or without Mr. Dreamy. Besides, shouldn’t we at least have coffee before we cross an international borders? I don’t want to end up on Nightline as an unsolved murder case because I was found “iced” in a hotel bathtub missing my kidneys.

Well, my Sweetie arrived safely, but can you believe his wallet was stolen at the airport and he needed me to help him? WTF, I cannot believe it. You guessed it. Mr. Dreamy is not real. This has been an elaborate scheme to win my trust and my money. (What Money???) I am shocked at this insanity. I immediately stopped communication but how many women may have fallen for the ploy?

What kind of sick SOB (I’ll be fair – it could be a woman) plays on the emotions of lonely women and then takes advantage of their generosity? Whomever I was communicating with was a professional— I cannot believe the elaborate tale that was woven to create the persona of a wonderful man.

What I do know is that karma is going to kick their ass for this behavior!

How am I feeling about this fiasco? I am disgusted. There too is a layer of embarrassment but that is my weepy bruised ego. I look at this experience as yet another lesson in self-discovery.

I am proud of myself for being able to express my thoughts freely and honestly even though the beauty of my words landed on the screen of a predatory asshole. Please remember friends, whatever you post may be used to manipulate you.

I am willing to continue dating but I will not have a prolonged on-line conversation with anyone.

I don’t feel angry. It is not worth the time to be angry.

My dating profile has everything my family will need to write my obituary should they need to in the next few years. Let’s hope not but it’s like killing two birds with one stone! Ha, ha, cracking myself up here. Laughter heals.

My Girlfriend Voice reminds me that if something appears too good to be true, it probably isn’t!  I tell her to shut up I mean to please be quiet.

Please pass this story along to anyone you know, male or female, that may be considering on-line dating!

I have one last request. Will the real man in this photo please contact me? I’d like to do you. Preferably soon. Please?

From the heart,

PS—I think you will be happy to hear that Mr. Smart has been in touch and we have a date planned for tomorrow night!



February 12, 2013   UPDATE:

As a result of this blog, I was contacted by a lovely woman in LA who was scammed by the same individual.  I am very sorry to say that did not block the name ericadams1970 nor did they contact anyone this person may be in touch with.  The good news is two fold.  The person in the photo is an artist living in Miami.  I also have a new  girl friend and we have promised to put our collective powers together to nail this jerk.  We also have promised to attend each others weddings because we are hot catches not hot messes and despite the aching heart, we still believe in love.


15 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Dreamy!

  1. So I’ve been thinking about the meditation on extending loving kindness to all and how all beings are connected. Is it possible that if this “Mr. Dreamy” was a happy person would he have the desire to create suffering for others through this scam? So what does he suffer from if we all suffer from something? Has his suffering now caused yours and thats the connection beings have? The challenge would be to extend loving kindness to him and wish him happiness and freedom from his suffering in hopes to change all those who come in contact with him to feel happiness instead of pain. Yikes that sounds tough to do with my hands around his neck!


    • Heather, I think you are right. Only someone enveloped in suffering could go to this extent to cause suffering in others. I hope they find a better use of their time but that’s as far as I am willing to go today!
      Be well, CaraW


  2. Hi Cara – That is an amazing story!! That’s the scary part about the internet stuff. Actually he is good looking but I was not a fan of the hair or beard – he looked a little conceited to me – just at first glance-like he knew he was good looking – I am sure glad you did not meet him or go anywhere with him!

    Sincerely, Cheryl


      • Alex, I have had yet another person write to me to say your photos were used in an internet dating SCAM. Any more thought on who is behind this? Creepy to have someone inpersonating your life, huh?
        Please touch base.
        Thank you,


    • I have the same experience with this guy on…same pics too. Same trip for the same reason. Same texts every morning, all crap. He never got a chance to ask me for money, he lost his temper when I got suspusious of his Latvia crap. I have to say, he definately invested a lot of time in this scam, around the same time frame too. Boy, how did he have the time to try to scam several woman at the same time, he must have been extremely busy. I actually had two other men pulling the same scam at the same time, I wonder if it was the same person. Anyway, I take this as a lesson learned. Good luck to you ladies.


      • Tabatha,
        AMAZING– I am glad that I posted this and that you ladies found me. We can band together and hopefully let others know to be cautious! Are you located in CA? Just curious if this is a CA only thing.
        So far I am very doubtful there will be any authentic kind men on Match!
        Take care and please stay in touch= CaraW


      • Hi Cara, yes, I am in the San Jose Area. Eric said that he lived in S.F. and had recently moved here from L.A., when he broke up from a long term relationship with some girl from Seattle. I agree, he is definately a professional!!! I received emails, texts and we spoke on Yahoo messenger every morning and every evening for a considerate amount of time. I saw one comment that made me think, it is certainly possible that this person is or works with a woman. I spoke to him on the phone a few times, his english was broken but he did have a very sexy accent. It was the same person that is on his voice mail. Anyway, I am still very upset over this experience.


    • Alexander, Well, well. You are indeed a real person! I am sorry to hear you are not available so I can ah, DO YOU, but we should at least chat! Are you curious to know more about how someone is impersonating your life and passing it off as “Eric Adams”? The same thing just happended to a women in LA yesterday.
      Your photos, your artwork, your lifestyle…… Very interesting, indeed. This is a great novel in the making!
      Be well, CaraW


  3. This “Eric Adams” loser jumped over to This is the # he gave me. 415-617-5291. And, the story he gave me was that he has a S CA city on his profile, but that he actually lived in San Francisco…and was about to move down to Rolling Hills Estates, CA (S. CA). How convenient …he did this because he saw that I lived closer to SF than LA.

    After a few days things just didn’t add up with “Eric Adams”. I mean, since when can an artist afford a personal chef? Please. He was texting me sweet things every morning. However, the morning after I googled him and found this blog (and his bogus VoIP phone #), I text him instead. I said “Good morning ‘Eric Adams’. I’m thinking of going on a trip. I think you should come with me. I heard that Latvia was nice this time of year. What do you think?”.

    After half an hour of no response I wrote “No? Not interested? That’s too bad. Hey, if you’re going to pose as a 42 yr old, you might want to pick someone more realistic than Alexander Mijares from Miami…cuz he’s 27!”

    My 3rd text was that I had notified authorities of my interactions with him and included all the stuff I’d found on the internet about his scams. No more contact from “Eric”. And, I was successful in getting to immediately removed his profile.

    And, come on, ladies, this Alexander Mijares guy has GOT to be in on this. He knows someone is using his photos to pose as him. He knows they’re getting his photos from Facebook. Yet, he doesn’t go in and set his privacy settings? He just lets it keep going on? I searched for Alexander Mijares and could every little piece of info I could possible want. No. No one does that. If someone is posing as you, a normal response is to freak out and get your personal info on lock down. Alexander posted on this blog as a distraction.


    • Ann, You raise some really good points and I am glad you stuck it to him or whomever it was…… Please keep me posted if anything further arises. Best of luck to you finding love– CaraW
      BTW, I reported my issue to — they own Hmmmm.


    • Eric Adams had mentioned to me that he had an ex-wife and a son who lived in Florida. Hmmm, you may be right, there could be a connection bwtween the two guys.


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